Understand China

Education & training resources to help you to understand China and to develop more effective Chinese marketing plans

Marketing to Chinese Consumers on Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu)

Xiaohongshu, also known as “Little Red Book” or RED, is a popular Chinese social media platform that’s gained a significant following.

Building an Effective China Marketing Strategy in 2023

The essential steps before you start developing your messages for China marketing campaigns.

How to choose a China Marketing Agency in 2023

How choosing a marketing agency for China isn't quite the same as your usual selection process.

Douyin for Chinese Student Recruitment

You'll learn which stages of the funnel are best dealt with by Douyin, which target audiences are most responsive to Douyin ads and examples of successful Douyin campaigns across the education industry.

Little Red Book Webinar with RED Q&A

Get discovered by 300million Chinese GenZ consumers.

Chinese B2B Marketing Webinar

Get ahead of trends in marketing to Chinese B2B businesses

The 8 Step Roadmap to China Sales Success

Discover the right questions to ask at senior level so you can scale up your China Sales without the common pitfalls.

Getting to Grips with Chinese GenZ

Gen Z account for 13% of the total household spend in China. So how can global brands break into this hugely competitive market segment?

The Complete Guide to Chinese Influencer Marketing

China has the largest social media market in the world, and the noisiest. Learn how to set your brand apart, select great influencers and plan the most impactful campaigns.

The Chinese Travel Industry: How To Engage And Inspire Chinese Visiting The UK

Life moves fast in China, and Chinese tourists aren’t the same as pre-Covid. What Chinese consumers want from travel has changed dramatically.

How To Run A Successful Campaign For Qixi - The Chinese Valentine's Festival

Chinese Valentine’s Day, also known as Qixi Festival or Double Seventh Festival, is a traditional celebration of love and romance. Held on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, it falls on 22 August this year.

Aligning UK and Chinese Teams: How to Foster Effective Collaboration and Communication

As anyone who manages remote teams will tell you, fostering collaboration and communication between global staff can be a challenge.