Understand China

Education & training resources to help you to understand China and to develop more effective Chinese marketing plans

Building an Effective China Marketing Strategy in 2024

The essential steps before you start developing your messages for China marketing campaigns.

Chinese Student Recruitment: The Complete Guide

A deep-dive into how the top UK universities successfully attract Chinese applicants in a competitive global marketplace.

Marketing to Chinese Consumers on Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu)

Xiaohongshu, also known as “Little Red Book” or RED, is a popular Chinese social media platform that’s gained a significant following.

Capturing Searches on Chinese Social Media

How Chinese consumers use search is evolving, and Baidu - China's Google equivalent, is no longer the dominant player.

Brand alignment and localisation in China

How to develop a brand position that matters in China, whilst keeping the your global brand values intact.

Douyin for Chinese Student Recruitment

You'll learn which stages of the funnel are best dealt with by Douyin, which target audiences are most responsive to Douyin ads and examples of successful Douyin campaigns across the education industry.

The 8 Step Roadmap to China Sales Success

Discover the right questions to ask at senior level so you can scale up your China Sales without the common pitfalls.

Getting to Grips with Chinese GenZ

Gen Z account for 13% of the total household spend in China. So how can global brands break into this hugely competitive market segment?

The Complete Guide to Chinese Influencer Marketing

China has the largest social media market in the world, and the noisiest. Learn how to set your brand apart, select great influencers and plan the most impactful campaigns.

RED launches micro-influencer certification

Little Red Book has followed up the launch of its education center with a "product seeding" certification for budding influencers.

New travel behaviour trends as China starts to move again.

A new Chinese traveller is emerging with more than just sightseeing on their agenda. Discover what they're looking for in this roundup.

3 trends to watch in the Chinese consumer recovery

After long lockdowns in China, some of the trends we've seen in the west are now starting to take hold in an economy that is less focused on impulsive material acquisition, and increasingly willing to spend their money on good customer experiences and responsible, transparent brands.