Understand China

Resources to help you to understand China and to develop more effective Chinese marketing plans

Chinese B2B Marketing Masterclass

Get ahead of trends in marketing to Chinese B2B businesses

China Innovation Webinar with CIM

In conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Domenica di Lieto presents a senior-level summary of the challenges that UK brands have overcome to grow sales in a fast-changing Chinese…

China Education Recruitment Masterclass 2023

The student recruitment market has never been more competitive, but every year we see UK Universities left behind, running tactics that are no longer relevant to GenZ applicants. Our first…

Health & Beauty E-commerce in China

Discover how to adapt your health & beauty marketing for online sales in China.

The 8 Step Roadmap to China Sales Success

The road to success in China is fill of unexpected twists and turns.From the marketing platforms to the market's values and expectations, almost nothing seems familiar.This roadmap will help you…

Get started with UK based Chinese consumers

Learn to connect with the audience of Chinese students, expats and tourists already on your doorstep in the UK.

Getting to Grips with Chinese GenZ

Gen Z account for 13% of the total household spend in China. So how can global brands break into this hugely competitive market segment?

How to Drive Sales in the China Market: 8 Steps to Success

There’s no doubt about it. If you’ve ever worked in the China market, you’ll know that selling in China can be complicated. But it’s also a market that’s rich in…

China Marketing and Crisis Management: Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

For any marketing, communications, or PR professional there’s one thing we all want to avoid – a PR crisis. Couple this with missteps in a foreign country, perhaps where you…

How to attract and inspire Chinese Gen Z students

Choosing the right overseas university is massively important to Chinese students and their families. This new generation is rightly self-confident, ambitious, and expects the highest educational standards. The UK (the…