China Marketing Updates & Insights

Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) reaches profitability

Chinese B2B Social Media Marketing Trends

UK is missing out on a Tax Free recovery

Figures released by shopping tax refund company Global Blue show that other European countries are well back on track for beating pre-pandemic shopping levels.

International student numbers are way down. Could China be the answer?

Why we need to look beyond the headlines to find the "brightest and best"

RED launches micro-influencer certification

Little Red Book has followed up the launch of its education center with a "product seeding" certification for budding influencers.

New travel behaviour trends as China starts to move again.

A new Chinese traveller is emerging with more than just sightseeing on their agenda. Discover what they're looking for in this roundup.

3 trends to watch in the Chinese consumer recovery

After long lockdowns in China, some of the trends we've seen in the west are now starting to take hold in an economy that is less focused on impulsive material acquisition, and increasingly willing to spend their money on good customer experiences and responsible, transparent brands.

The New Wave of Chinese Travel

Golden Week in China is not just a holiday; it's a monumental travel event, and as such it gives us a mountain of data to judge travel trends in the Chinese market.

The Rise Of Social Search: What Brands Need To Know For China Digital Marketing

Chinese consumers’ search behaviour has changed. Gone are the days when Baidu was the one-stop-shop for search. Now, 70% of Chinese netizens use at least three platforms for search every single day.