China Marketing Updates & Insights

Driving successful campaigns on Chinese social media

Offering vast opportunities China is a tempting proposition for Western brands. With some of the world’s most sophisticated consumers with a wealth of choice, getting your message heard means navigating the complex landscape. Domenica Di Lieto, our CEO, shares her top 10 tips for succeeding on Chinese social media.

China B2B marketing podcast with Napier

Domenica talks to Mike Maynard, MD at Napier, about how to grow businesses in China. Giving an overview of the key differences working with this huge market, Domenica shares her insights on how to run successful B2B campaigns in China.

The New Era of Chinese Travel

Key trends brands need to know about the modern Chinese traveller

What Does China’s Growing Sustainability Awareness Mean for Brands? 

When it comes to sustainability, Chinese consumers are leading the charge towards a greener future, something brands in the China Market can’t ignore.  

How to Drive Sales in the China Market: 8 Steps to Success

There’s no doubt about it. If you’ve ever worked in the China market, you’ll know that selling in China can be complicated. But it’s also a market that’s rich in…

China Marketing and Crisis Management: Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

For any marketing, communications, or PR professional there’s one thing we all want to avoid – a PR crisis. Couple this with missteps in a foreign country, perhaps where you…

How to attract and inspire Chinese Gen Z students

Choosing the right overseas university is massively important to Chinese students and their families. This new generation is rightly self-confident, ambitious, and expects the highest educational standards. The UK (the…

A Golden Age For China’s Silver-Haired Consumers?

Older people in China are emerging as the nation’s big spenders. With plenty of disposable income, generous state pensions and mortgage-free homes, these “silver-haired” spenders are driving trends across the…

The New World Of Web3: Marketing In The Chinese Metaverse

Are you ready for the world of Web3? If not, it’s time to prepare! Web3 is the latest technological development set to transform content marketing in China. While western Web3…