Multi-Platform Livestreaming for a PBSA’s Chinese Students


Emerging Communications


Jun 28, 2024

Livestreaming is now an engrained part of Chinese online consumption, responsible for billions in online sales each year.

But it’s not all about sales. We’re also using Livestreams to help create a better customer experience for Chinese travelling to the UK for the first time.

Yesterday we hosted an hour-long Livestream for Unite Students, helping to welcome students who have booked accommodation for the upcoming academic year.

This was much more than a webcam stream or the simple shoots you see promoting ecommerce products.

The stream included, room tours, sharing tips on how to check in upon arrival, and practical living and study advice.

To keep students engaged and to encourage interaction, the livestream included three exciting raffle draws. The event was highly successful, with exceptional engagement and prompting direct student inquiries, reflecting strong interest.

Livestreams work exceptionally well for creating interaction and feedback from Chinese audiences

We broadcast simultaneously on Unite’s official Weibo and WeChat video channels, needing professional support to get platform permissions for the livestream, and using third-party software for synchronised streaming.

Careful preparation is needed for a multi-platform livestream using more than one location.

Shooting between the studio team and Unite’s accommodation, made this a production on a par with a small TV studio.

An event of this scale needs extensive planning & preparation, including promotional efforts, content creation, and support with ads and SMS. A well oiled operations teams is crucial, up to and including the event itself.

EC worked together with Unite Students’s marketing and sales team to hold this successfully campaign and achieved the outstanding result.

The livestream needed a coordinated team from Emerging Comms and Unite Students, across UK and China

Livestreams are a perfect way to show your customers what to expect from property, retail destinations, university campuses and tourist attractions.

If you’d like to find out how we can help show your business to Chinese customers, get in touch and one of our social media specialists can talk you through some more examples.