Consultancy & Services

China Entry Strategy

China is an appealing market, but a complex one. We are experienced in guiding clients through the early stages of engagement.

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Customer Research & Insights

Our Chinese market research services will give you a better understanding of what your target customers want, so you can plan for success.

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Strategy & Planning

We provide Chinese Digital marketing strategy and planning – The Chinese digital market moves fast, so planning the right marketing, at the right time, to the right audience is vital.

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Content Strategy

We focus on generating a unique brand voice and content mix that sets you apart from your competitors and attracts Chinese customers.

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Training and Enablement

It is critical that your staff understand the Chinese customer – and we can help ensure your teams are all pulling in the same direction.

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Web Design & Development

Having a Chinese website, or landing pages that can track the performance of a campaign, is key to success.

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Chinese UX & Branding

Using the right image is crucial and we work with you to create Chinese names, branding, advertising copy and infographics.

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Chinese Social Media

There are 650 million active social media users in China and we can help you to target them effectively.

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Chinese Search Marketing

The Chinese search landscape is unique, but our dedicated team can ensure a high quality of leads and traffic.

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Programmatic Display

We work with respected partners to ensure your display campaign can be correctly targeted to deliver meaningful results.

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Localisation Services

The importance of localisation can be overlooked, but our team tailors your image and values to reach your target audience.

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Inbound Marketing

Understanding the subtle differences between inbound target audiences allows us to pinpoint how and when to engage them.

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The Latest


‘UK brands must work harder to engage Chinese consumers after Brexit’

7 February 2020

‘UK brands must work harder to engage Chinese consumers after Brexit’ by CGTN is the latest article we’re featured in, with Marie’s contribution to the article. Click to read more.

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How UK universities should take action on the commercial impacts of the coronavirus outbreak, when meeting 2020 recruitment targets

18 February 2020

Are you a UK University looking to recruit Chinese students in September 2020? If so, click to see what you can do on the Coronavirus’ impact on recruitment

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China’s Social Media Landscape: Weibo & WeChat

11th March, 2020

Perfect for those who are new to Chinese digital marketing and want to learn more about the key channels and user behaviours.

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