Premier Research

Powerful on-site event support in China: Unleashing high-quality B2B CRO leads

With our support, Premier Research was a resounding success at the Drugs Information Association (DIA) conference, achieving outstanding results and quality leads.

As an extension of Premier Research’s team, we needed to boost visibility, engage prospects and showcase the brand image as a trusted and reputable global CRO.

high-quality B2B CRO leads
Premier Research DIA 2023 - generating high-quality B2B CRO leads

The Challenge

As a top global clinical research organisation, it was essential for Premier Research to pinpoint and connect with complex B2B clusters. They needed to generate new leads for business development while meeting and engaging with warm leads for lead nurturing.

Major players and competitors exhibited during the event so it was crucial to raise brand awareness and build Premier’s credibility, particularly as the 2022 conference was cancelled due to Covid-19.

Our Strategy

To maximize ROI, we implemented a comprehensive CRM promotional campaign aimed at activating existing leads.

Our multifaceted approach across a series of engaging activities and on various digital channels ensured continuous and impactful brand exposure before, during, and after the event.

What We Delivered

  • Strategically planned and flawlessly executed a comprehensive lead generation campaign.
  • Produced on-site giveaways and engagement activities to ensure quality leads were captured and to moderate traffic over the three days.
  • Showcased the event through expertly crafted videography and top-notch production services, capturing unique moments.
  • Liaised with client stakeholders, event hosts and suppliers to ensure a successful event.
  • Coordinated with Premier Research and booth design vendors to build an eye-catching stall.
  • Developed brand alignment and localisation to ensure all event material resonated with the Chinese audience.
  • Pre-event promotion: amplified marketing through WeChat event posters and targeted email marketing to nurture existing leads.
  • During event: leveraged incentivised activities to capture lead contact details.
  • Follow up: cultivated post-event engagement through WeChat content and showcasing videos via WeChat channel. Managed lead data and generated insightful reports.

Our results

50% year-over-year

increase in new WeChat followers from the event

39% of leads

were identified as high-quality leads by the client’s BD team

Consistently exceeded our expectations

We greatly appreciated the exceptional support from Emerging Comms during The DIA Annual Meeting. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and flawless execution impressed us throughout the event. From the beginning, it was clear that Emerging Comms had thoroughly considered our requirements and their level of preparation was commendable. They consistently exceeded our expectations, handling every task meticulously and providing valuable insights. We are grateful for their unwavering support and excellent results. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the entire Emerging Comms team for their outstanding performance.”

Desiree De Souza

APAC & Europe Marketing Director