China Market Research & Insights

Weak sales is a symptom of deeper organisational problems. Wrong China positioning, poor marketing channel choice, and a lack of support and communication with sales teams are three we see most often. We’ll uncover the root causes of your sales challenges before we create strategies to fix them.

The biggest reason for failure in China is making assumptions that anything will be the same as your western marketing.

Our Research & Planning teams  are skilled in uncovering who your Chinese audience and competitors are, what channels they operate in, and what they value most in your category.

We build our plans around 5 dimensions:


We get under the skin of your audience by conducting qualitative and quantitative research, understanding who your customers are, what drives them, and more importantly why they will engage with your brand.

The Market

Recognising opportunities and threats in a changing market is vital. From new technology to changing laws, we help keep you ahead of market so you can move fast and pivot when necessary.


Competition in China is both global and local. “Made in China” is no longer a negative and the allure of western brands is wearing off. 

We’ll make sure you’re positioned as a brand the Chinese customer wants to do business with regardless of your heritage.

Brand control

Most brands are reliant on agents, distributors or remote sales teams. Working with these stakeholders, and talking like a single team ensures you can relax, knowing sales are being properly represented on the ground.

Platforms & Channels

With almost all Western marketing platforms banned, China has created its own equivalents.

We have in-house specialists who are experts in each major channel and communicate directly with media owners and influencers ensuring you keep brand control.

Our Customer Insights Team Delivers:

  • Market Evaluation & Entry Strategy
  • Customer Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Sentiment Analysis
  • Brand Protection
  • Social Listening
  • Crisis Management Plans