Sales Support

From branded bottom-of-funnel content to in-person support at live events, we make sure your sales team are looked after as well as your brand is.

China is a complex market, not least because of the language barrier and the different marketing platforms used.

Often it’s a disjoint between HQ and local sales teams in China that causes the most miscommunication.

Brands often have a lack of brand control or visibility from distributors, while sales teams complain of a lack of leads being driven by the marketing team.

This is where we step in.

Our decade of experience in closing the gap between sales and marketing ensures that marketing campaigns drive sales and leads.

We work with brands to fix sales funnels, help recruit and train sales teams, provide support on the ground at events and implement customer services functions.

Our sales support teams provide:

  • Customer Conversion
  • Recruitment and staff enablement
  • Marketing & sales funneling / CRM
  • Customer service implementation