China Marketing Guides

Learn to engage effectively with Chinese customers.

The 8 Step Roadmap to China Sales Success

The road to success in China is fill of unexpected twists and turns.From the marketing platforms to the market's values and expectations, almost nothing seems familiar.This roadmap will help you…

Get started with UK based Chinese consumers

Learn to connect with the audience of Chinese students, expats and tourists already on your doorstep in the UK.

Getting to Grips with Chinese GenZ

Gen Z account for 13% of the total household spend in China. So how can global brands break into this hugely competitive market segment?

The Complete Guide to Chinese Influencer Marketing

China has the largest social media market in the world, and the noisiest. Learn how to set your brand apart, select great influencers and plan the most impactful campaigns.

Chinese Property Market Research Buyers Report

Chinese interest in UK property investment is at an all-time high.Want to know how to entice Chinese property investors? Keen to make sure your property cuts through the noise? Our latest…

Retail lessons from China

To see China first hand, and to understand exactly how Chinese consumers can be enticed to spend with brands? In partnership with Adyen & Global blue, we’ve created an insightful…

Get Started With Little Red Book

Through 16 pages of key statistics, examples and practical advice, you will learn: What the size of the Little Red Book opportunity is and if it's right for your market…

The Guide to Weibo Marketing

A rapid start to using Weibo marketing to engage with consumers via real-time news, consumer insights, gossip and trends.