RED launches micro-influencer certification


Emerging Communications


Jan 3, 2024

Little Red Book has followed up the launch of its education center with a "product seeding" certification for budding influencers.

The popular social sharing app, called Xiaohongshu in China, has recognised that demand for product sharing by advertisers is outstripping supply by the platform’s micro-influencers and that the temptation for inauthentic content could threaten trust among its 200million monthly users.

Rival app Douyin, the Chinese TikTok, has already seen the emergence of AI models as fees from Key Opiniol Leaders (KOL’s) become unaffordable for smaller brands and retailers.

The certification covers content delivery, community standards, marketing and data.

It’s free to take the course, but certification costs 300 RMB (approx £35).

Courses aren’t just run online but at training centers in major cities. Courses are split out by levels of experience and for individual sectors including cosmetics and pet products.

Once an influencer is accredited, it gives them access to support from Xiaohongshu’s in-house marketing consultants via a WeChat group, and the chance to network with other influencers and brands.

Over 1,000 influencers passed the certification on its first day in December.