5 Common WeChat Mistakes That Every Brand Should Avoid


Emerging Communications


Jan 21, 2017

Establishing yourself on Social Media is like getting a free puppy, it is not just for Christmas and it needs tender care for a lifetime, so you must spend the time and energy to grow it!

WeChat is a fantastic social media, encompassing everything a Chinese person needs in his/her daily life. This simple media comparison below can demonstrate the power of WeChat!

While WeChat opens the door to great opportunities, there are 5 common mistakes that brands often make affecting user experience and brand credibility, however with the right approach can be rectified very easily!

  1. Create a Welcome Message to leave a good first impressions

A bad example (Lulu Guinness): Definitley do not just use a one liner “Thanks for following me”, and communicate in English, as it does not give out a warm feeling to Chinese customers and explain the benefits / information of following the platform.

An example with room for improvement (Warwick University):Excessive use of information presented in English and Simplified Chinese. If you would like to create a “user guide”, it is better to put in the menu or make it a hyperlink to a separate page and removing any unnecessary information.

A good example (Origins) : Tell your audience the value of your brand, and the benefits of following this account to get regular free new product trial, make appointment for mini facials etc.

Another Good example (Louis Vuitton): Simple yet effective message but also tells the audience that they will have real people dealing with real time enquiries between 10am – 7pm.

  1. Leverage the Customised Menu

This only available for WeChat public account, not personal accounts. You can create a customised menu (up to three tabs) to offer specific information such as about the brand, product information, latest events, contact us etc.

Within the tabs, you can create sub-sections, essentially it is creating a microsite within WeChat. However, you need to communicate to current customers and understand what types of information are the most required for them, especially when they are on the move.

We will cover the next 3 WeChat mistakes in the next blog post.

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