13th June, 2018

China Social Media Landscape: Introductory Level, 13th June (09.30-12.30)

Perfect for those who are new to Chinese digital marketing and want to learn more about the key channels and user behaviours.

22nd June, 2018

The Power of Chinese Social Media, 22nd June (10.00-11.00)

This talk is for professionals looking to adapt to the rapidly changing Chinese consumer landscape, who want a comprehensive insight into the current trends and channels influencing Chinese consumer behaviour and are looking to learn the best ways to engage Chinese consumers.

28th June, 2018

China Social Media Landscape: Intermediate Level, 28th June (10.00-13.00)

For those actively using Chinese digital landscape who are looking to upskill their knowledge and keep on top of the latest trends on key platforms.

19th September, 2018

China Social Media Landscape 2018: Advanced Level

For experienced practitioners looking to maximise their return on their marketing spend, expand their brand outreach or specialise their Chinese digital strategy using new and alternative Chinese Social Media Channels.