Driving brand preferences for Chinese parents

With our help, Ladybird has moved beyond their newcomer positioning in China and competition is now fierce.

Ladybird use distributors to reach Chinese parents. However, the brand resides with the distributors and the actual Ladybird brand was ‘buried’ in noisy tactical efforts.

The Challenge

Ladybird, a well-loved children’s publisher, uses the traditional distribution model to expand its reach and offer sales channels to Chinese parents.

Competition is now fierce, consumer preferences have changed and the brand has limited visibility on activities.

Our Strategy

Emerging Comms conducted comprehensive qual and quant market research with 2,000 Chinese parents with children under six; to understand their challenges, demands and expectations in early ENG education.

Based on the research findings we created a parent-led Chinese social media campaign.

What We Delivered

  • Selected more than 50 Chinese micro-influencers to curate bespoke and authentic content to parents, based on their needs and wants
  • Conversations sparked meaningful dialogue around the Ladybird brand and products and drove distributor sales.

Our results


Parents reached


Parents actively engaging


All competitors on distributor platform

Award Shortlists

The Drum Award 2022, Customer Insight category
Global Performance Marketing Awards, Best Influencer Marketing Campaign

In two months we reached over 499,000 parents with over 25,500 parents actively engaging and outsold all competitors on Ladybird’s distributor’s official e-commerce channel.

Global Performance Marketing Awards

Best Influencer Marketing Campaign, Highly Commended

Shortlisted for The Drum Award 2022, Customer Insight category

Confidence to experiment with a new approach

The insights Emerging Comms provided gave the Ladybird team confidence to experiment with a new approach through a clear view of the market, resulting in a successful pilot project that convinced Ladybird to take a non-traditional approach in direct to consumer brand marketing in China.

The research and the pilot project got buy-in from different stakeholders within the brand and was commended by the wider team.”

Caroline Newbury

Head of International Communications and Business Development Insight, Penguin Random House UK