Cross cultural training for a global brand

To support the continued global expansion and strategic re-invigoration of the Ingka Centres brand, Ingka Centres wanted to provide interactive training for their global branding and digital teams.

The Challenge

Based on an understanding of INGKA’s goals and unique environment, we recommended focusing on the following learning objectives:

  • Understanding ‘new’ Chinese consumers and how Chinese consumer behaviours and expectations have changed post Covid-19
  • Understanding the unique Chinese marketing landscape, especially the digital ecosystem, and how culture/channels impact marketing
  • Chinese marketing best-practice for 2021 and beyond

What We Delivered

We created and delivered a 90-minute interactive training session for a diverse team of global level roles, including the latest statistics and insights. Hosted by our relevant industry specialists.

We led client discussions around key trends and behaviours, helping teams develop a wider understanding of Chinese marketing and Chinese consumers.

This is more than training

Excellent delivery and knowledge from Domenica and Marie. They comprehensively introduced Chinese digital trends and environment with their deep understanding and using real life examples. This is more than a training. They also offered relevant recommendations concerning our industry and business. Great.”


INKGKA Shanghai