Hemswell Antique Centres

Driving brand presence, footfall and sales in China by targeting niche audiences

How Hemswell Antique Centres became a must-visit destination for Chinese antique enthusiasts.

The Challenge

As Europe’s largest antique centre, the antique dealership wasn’t reaching vital target audiences required to expand in China.

Set in the stunning Lincolnshire countryside, Hemswell Antiques Centres needed a distinct content marketing strategy to generate social buzz and sales from Chinese consumers. 

Positioning the famous antique centre as a go-to destination for niche Chinese collecting communities was key in raising its profile and increasing footfall to its showroom as well as reselling products through their distribution network.   

Our Strategy

We expanded Hemswell’s online exposure through bespoke influencer campaigns across major Chinese social media channels, to boost brand preference and amplify reach among the target audience. 

In partnership with well-known Chinese Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), we curated and launched authentic content that showcased the antique centres extensive range of antiques and quality vintage collectables, building credibility and enhancing the reputation among the Chinese target audiences.  

What We Delivered

  • Sourced KOLs that complemented the brand’s values to support our campaign objectives, producing visually appealing, lifestyle-driven video and imagery content on Little Red Book and WeChat.  
  • Co-produced and story boarded all content, providing support to KOLs during shooting, and liaised with the brand and influencers to ensure production stayed on track.   
  • Secured a long-term collaboration with a Chinese antiques Daigou to sell products to customers in China through live streaming, expanding reach and customer base. 
  • Developed a content plan for user-generated content allowing prospective buyers to interact with the brand’s customers, maximising exposure and driving sales performance. 

Our results


engagements within
2 weeks

5 times more

brand exposure on social media than projected KPI


increase in new Chinese speaking & China based website users

Over 200%

increase in China web traffic in 3 weeks

  • 5,025 engagements within 2 weeks
  • Significant increase in footfall of Chinese customers in the centre 
  • 40% increase in new Chinese speaking & China based website users 
  • Over 200% increase in China web traffic in 3 weeks 

They grasped how our company operated and knew what approach would work best

From the very beginning of this journey and wishing to expand our business into the Chinese Market. It was clear to us that Emerging Comms were at the top of their game with assisting businesses to achieve results. From thorough research prior to project planning and adapting our project post COVID to the delivery of reports. Consistently keeping us updated with the results their strategy has provided. This company’s attention to detail meant that they grasped how our company operated and knew what approach would work best for us. We are very pleased with the results that have been delivered so far and are very much looking forward to the next phases of this project.  
Could not thank Domenica, Evonne, Dakota and Sophia enough for all the effort put in to this project and exposing the Hemswell Brand as a go to destination for all who enjoy everything antique and vintage. 

Laura Hill

Digital Marketing, Sales & Web Team Manager, Hemswell Antiques Centres