Greenwich Peninsula

Managing the property funnel from promotion to sales nurturing

Greenwich Peninsula, the £8.4 billion urban regeneration project based in Zone 2, sought to promote its aspirational development – Upper Riverside.

To expand their vision of contemporary urban living the premium riverside apartments were specifically targeted at UK-based Chinese buyers.

The Challenge

Greenwich Peninsula engaged our expertise to:

  • Build robust awareness of Greenwich Peninsula and the stunning Upper Riverside development to
  • Drive sales enquiries and convey the brand’s message.
  • Connect, engage and sell to UK-based Chinese, as buyers in China couldn’t travel to the UK for purchasing decisions.


Our Strategy

Co-ordinated and delivered a property webinar event from planning and execution to lead follow up.

  • Built and maintained relationships with Chinese expat community organisations. Our soft promotional approach via the group founders was less intrusive and boosted members’ desire to participate and contribute.
  • Showcased Upper Riverside’s aspirational living spaces, perfectly designed for young residents.
  • Provided free expert mortgage advice on how to secure a first home in London.
  • Utilise webinar to showcase Upper Riverside’s lifestyle potential. Attract the target audience to the event using incentives such as 95% mortgages and UK mortgage FAQs.
  • Promote leads for Greenwich Peninsula and prompt buyers to take the next step.

The key to the success of this campaign was the direct knowledge sharing we promoted at the webinar event. A proven content hook that led to an excellent response.

What We Delivered

We built a community with 100+ WeChat group members who are UK-based Chinese buyers aged between 23 and 35, moslty first-time buyers with more than 50% turnout on the online event.

Our results


New WeChat group members


Attendance to online events