Spring Beauty Sample Market In Shanghai Shopping Mall


Emerging Communications


May 21, 2022

Giving beauty samples in return for social follows.

A big shopping mall called “第一百货” launched a spring beauty sample market outside the shopping mall, giving away free beauty samples by way of incentives for consumers to following their official social accounts in China.
The consumer simply scans the QR code on the beauty vending machine, follow the brand’s social media account, and then redeems the samples.

This is a typical O2O experience in China. Providing fun and engaging ways for GenZ consumers to engage with mid and high-level beauty brands.

With such an emphasis in China on growing advocacy from customer’s using social media, this sort of activation is commonplace yet you don’t see it here in the UK.

I wonder how long it will be before we see things like this in London’s West End? With the growing number of global Chinese shoppers, especially students, brands need to think of innovative ways to capture the interest from Gen Z customers.