Little Red Book dominates new travel searches in China


Emerging Communications


Apr 26, 2024

The social sharing app is challenging more sectors outside of ecommerce, ad is now top choice for travel.

Dragon Trail have released their 10th Chinese traveller sentiment survey, and confirmed a number of new trends for the Chinese Traveller.

The most interesting finding for us at Emerging Comms is the new dominance of Little Red Book app (Xiaohongshu) in travel research with over 50% of survey respondents saying they used it to research travel plans.

The app, which was originally a shopping discovery app, is taking over as the research tool of choice across industries with much more considered and complex buyer journeys.

Overseas travel brands who have not yet explored how they can use this platform as part of their marketing strategy should make it a priority in 2024.

Chinese travellers are also venturing further afield again, and Europe is now the top region, especially amongst more affluent travellers who are looking for cultural experiences instead of just beach breaks.

UK tops the European destinations in perceived safety, and embracing Chinese apps like Little Red Book, WeChat and Douyin can help make Chinese travellers even more comfortable dealing with, and sharing, your brand.