How To Adapt Your Chinese Digital Marketing For Success In 2021


Emerging Communications


Feb 21, 2021

2020 for many Western organisations was the first year that businesses truly went ‘digital’. For most it was a welcome (if not very stressful) innovation, though we are sure there was more than one marketer who had to drag their organisation kicking and screaming onto e-commerce and social platforms.

In 2021, it has become clear that brands’ new relationship with digital channels is here for the long-haul and nowhere is that more prominent than in China. China, a country with record breaking social-commerce apps and live-streaming sales figures, is more connected in 2021 than ever before. In fact, the average consumer now spends over 7.5 hours a day on social media and has over 9 different social accounts.

And that’s not all that has changed! Consumers’ behaviours have evolved significantly, in the way they buy, how they choose products and even what they spend their money on.

The digital landscape has also changed. Numerous social media platforms in China have launched new features to help Western brands of all sizes connect to Chinese consumers, and live-streaming is now a must-have activation channel.

China digital landsape

What else has changed? Well, we couldn’t possibly hope to write it all down, that’s why we put together our ‘Chinese Social Media 2021’ Webinar, in which we discussed:

  • How Chinese consumers’ behaviour has changed
  • What are the key innovations in the Chinese social media landscape
  • What are the biggest challenges, trends, and strategic recommendations for 2021

This hugely successful webinar has helped over 150+ brands already, don’t worry if you missed it. We have a fantastic recording which not only gives you access to all the insights but also includes our CEO Domenica and Inbound Specialist Marie providing answers to brands’ real-life queries and challenges.

If you want to find out everything you need to know about adapting your social marketing strategy, or even if you just want a solid foundation on which to start planning your Chinese consumer outreach, arrange a discovery call with one of our consultants here.