Alipay Marketing


Emerging Communications


Jul 21, 2019

Alipay is increasingly being used at every stage of the Chinese customer journey, from pre-destination research and shopping itinerary planning to post-purchase reviews. With over 520 million users and growing, retail brands can use Alipay Marketing to drive footfall and track sales.

Some of the Alipay Marketing Services that we provide for Bicester Village brands are:

Store Management
  • Storefront set up
  • Branding for individual locations
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates
Promotion Management
  • Coupons for in-store redemption
  • Storefront promotional notifications

By actively using the various functions provided, you can not only raise awareness of store locations, products and services but also secure buying intent by promoting special offerings or discounts.

We utilise our significant experience in China alongside our deep understanding of retail consumers to help your brand develop an effective marketing strategy that will appeal to your specific customers and drive great results.

Please contact [email protected] for our Alipay Marketing Bicester Village package.