UK University’s battle – how to attract more Chinese students part 1

What is the opportunity? How to attract more Chinese students

China sends the highest number of postgraduates to the UK (49,000 students) and China will continue to dominate UK postgraduate enrollments with 85,000 expected postgraduates in 2024!

The Chinese student market will provide UK Universities with the greatest international opportunity ..

With the huge surge in internet usage, and wanting impartial advice, more and more Chinese students are now applying to overseas directly, rather than going through 3rd party agencies.

Specialised educational sites, social communities, word of mouth recommendations and university websites, are vital tools for students applying directly to a university.

However, most of UK universities have a lack of presence in China, not only physically but also digitally.

3rd party agencies on the other hand, are aggressively bidding on university’s brand keywords, developing partnership with search engines and building strong presence in social media.

Chinese students are more likely to land on 3rd party agency “fully localised “Chinese websites than the desired university’s website.

how to attract more Chinese students
how to attract more Chinese students

A missed opportunity for universities? Definitely…

UK Universities wanting to attract Chinese undergraduate and graduate students need a digital presence in China, one that is visible in China but whose content is controlled from the UK.

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