The Changing Face of Weibo

It was an honour to spend a few days with the senior Weibo team, over from Beijing last week.

To survive in China and its fast-moving digital transformation, it is critical for any digital platforms to “keep up” with constantly evolving user demands.

Over the past years, Weibo has done exactly just that, adapting its platform and enriching product offerings to meet these demands. It has evolved into a hybrid of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more…

As a full service digital agency, we are excited to see that Weibo has become cool again! With a 30% increase in monthly active users (340 million users) and 154 million daily active users. Ignore Weibo at your peril!

Weibo is intrinsic to Chinese everyday life, and to omit Weibo from your marketing plans is quite frankly committing marketing suicide!

We have rounded up some key takeaways from last week’s conference:

  1. Weibo is a vital search channel, with over 300 million searches daily on Weibo, over half that of Baidu, people are actively searching your brands, following hot topics and keeping up to date with news…If you don’t control your brand voice, you can be sure of one thing, your competitors will!

The changing face of Weibo

  1. Weibo is leveraged by all types of brands, both B2B and B2C – There are 1,743 British Brand Weibo accounts spanning industries such as fashion, education, eCommerce, government and business services. It is expected that to be taken seriously, you will have a Verified account on Weibo.
  1. Weibo Window offers a seamless journey for users to “click to buy” directly from Taobao. Time waits for no man in China and offering a seamless eCommerce journey is paramount.

  1. It is essential to post the right content, in the right format and at the right time. Only content that resonates will grow your brand and provide advocacy and sales
  1. Live Streaming is hugely popular in attracting user views and sales and when combined with KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) engagement, can have unbelievable results – Angelababy’s live streaming sold 10,000 Maybelline lipsticks in just 2 hours!

The changing face of Weibo

  1. Utilising the media opportunities on Weibo will not only grow followers but will grow brand awareness, credibility and directly impact on sales growth.
  1. Weibo insights will enable you to benchmark your brand, set KPIS, decipher brand demand and measure effectiveness of your media spend.

Are you fully maximising opportunities on Weibo?

From brand protection to sales generation, we can guide you, plan for success and meet your KPIs

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