Chinese UX and brandingChinese UX & Branding

There is a risk involved in entering the Chinese market. If you do not transfer your name and brand in exactly the right way, some consumers invent a slang name for it with negative connotations – which can be hard to shift.

Chinese UX  and Branding

Maintaining brand continuity during the transfer into China is a delicate art form with no room for error, which is why we have become specialists at it.

We create complete brand identities designed to work in every Chinese context. As well as managing the marketing process, we also take care of trademarking, licensing and copyrighting.

We believe it is vital to deliver exceptional user experience. We push the boundaries and use our expertise in consumer behaviour and market knowledge to get the best results from your customer user journeys.

Graphic Design

When it comes to design, Chinese consumers are increasingly sophisticated and they expect communications to reflect their status and likes. This applies to the use of graphics as much as any other area of marketing.

Our graphic design service creates images that work with Chinese consumers while maintaining a consistency of message.

We deliver successful communications in brochures, leaflets, posters, online banners and e-newsletters, or as part of an integrated campaign.

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