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Social media is so central to modern Chinese culture that failing to prepare your campaigns properly is at best ill-advised, at worst catastrophic.

With over 400million searches a day on Weibo for products and services, you have to compete well to have your voice heard and to maintain your reputation.

Maintaining platforms with compelling and relevant content is a must, as is using media and blogger engagement. Those quickest to innovate and react to constantly evolving consumer behaviour will succeed, while those who do not get left behind.

Our working partnerships with the key platforms allow us to be one step ahead with new targeting opportunities.

We combine creativity, strategy and copywriting skills to ensure our campaigns show a clear return on investment.

Our Chinese social media services include:

  • Setting up Chinese-verified accounts on Weibo, WeChat and Zhihu
  • Content guidelines for social media
  • Content planning and copywriting services
  • Blogger engagement programmes
  • Blogger events and live streaming
  • Media planning and buying
  • KPI setting and management
  • Offline to online campaigns using WeChat

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