How to make your Food & Drink brand in demand for the Chinese New Year gifting season

Chinese love to share gifts with one another, gifting to family, friends, work colleagues and most importantly your bosses as a way to build important relationships in Chinese culture, as well as offering lots of “Face” to both parties. Chinese New Year typically falls between January and February and is the biggest gifting period of the Chinese calendar.

  • On average, a Chinese family will receive 12 gifts per year
  • 84% of Chinese families have purchased imported food once in 2015
  • Chinese New Year and Golden Week contributed 40% of the annual imported food sales
  • Source: Baidu Index – showing search volume for gifting from 2014- 2016 with peaks in January and February

    Food and Drink Products are highly considered when gifting during Chinese New Year.

    There is also a growing demand for imported / international Food & Drinks brands, as they are considered by the Chinese to be of higher quality, limited availability and premium priced are therefore seen as suitable gifting products.

    Packaging is one of the key factor for Chinese gifting preference.

    1. Good packaging will provide the gift givers lots of “face” so brands should take advantage of this to win over Chinese in the gifting market.

    Ferrero is familiar with Chinese gifting culture, designing a specific Chinese New Year Gift Box.

    1. Use the colours Red and Gold, For Chinese New Year, red and gold colours are popular as the Chinese believe they bring good fortune. Chinese people will consider those colours first while purchasing suitable gifts.
    2. Embrace the annual symbol of the Chinese horoscope, 2017 is the year of Rooster, and it is also attract to Chinese consumers to buy products or gifts that have the design of Rooster.

    Are you ready for the Chinese New Year?

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