How Luxury Brands Celebrated a Merry Little Christmas on WeChat

Luxury Brands Christmas WeChat

WeChat, a platform which boasts over 980 million monthly average users (Q3, 2017), is arguably China’s most influential social media platform. If popularity was not enough, WeChat’s range of in-app payment and e-commerce functions has begun to win over luxury brands.  Last month luxury brands competed for the hearts (and WeChat Wallets) of China’s Post 90s generation, for whom Christmas is a popular shopping and leisure holiday.  Below we take a look at some of the most engaging campaigns on WeChat and delve into a winning recipe for engagement and brand awareness.

The big winner last week was Swarovski. Since launching their WeChat store in 2017, Swarovski has had great success with interactive campaigns, including their Mothers’ Day gift campaign. Christmas 2017 was no exception.

This Christmas Swarovski published an interactive digital advent calendar to promote the launch their advent calendar gift set.

Campaign Mechanisms:

  • Swarovski launched their advent calendar featuring three full price gifts and 21 surprises, for approx. USD 500 which could be bought as a gift directly through WeChat.
  • They also launched a digital HTML5 advent calendar which featured a different mini-game for each day. Once users completed the game they were awarded a card; seven cards could be exchanged for a small Swarovski gift.
  • The campaign was promoted in Swarovski stores nationwide using onsite QR Codes.

Other examples of Winning Christmas Campaigns: 

  • Burberry: Burberry promoted their Christmas products by putting them into a game. Many users commented that they enjoyed the gameplay and the aesthetics. Players were encouraged to share their scores with friends and invite them to play.
  • Furla: Furla used an interactive HTML5 quiz to showcase the various product ranges this party season, matching products to their audience’s personality and party style preferences, creating a feeling of personalisation. Upon finishing the quiz players had the option to subscribe and provide their details for a chance to win one of 5 handbags.

Our Top Tips for Holiday Campaign Success on WeChat

For brands already active on WeChat we have seen a definite winning combination:

Holiday Events+ Interactive, Shareable, Personalised HTML5 activity (usually coupled with KOL Promotion)+ WeChat in-app gift purchases and limited-edition products or sales.

Why Does this work?

  1. WeChat Users aren’t fans of hard sales: As a semi-closed platform, WeChat users have the option to scroll over “hard sales” articles in search of more entertaining content, they need more reasons to click through to brand content.
  2. Christmas in China is most widely celebrated by millennials: China’s ‘me’ generation. For them making your promotions is all about them- whether it is providing them with entertainment, a chance to show off or personalising your products to their personalities and needs- is a great way to raise awareness and trigger purchasing demand.
  3. Mini-games in China are taking hold: The mini-games trend in China is growing from strength to strength, to such an extent that many agencies have listed it among the top trends for 2018. Nothing shouts luxury like keeping ahead of the curve both online and instore.
  4. WeChat consumers respond well to ‘urgent’ and ‘emotive’ purchasing decisions, especially when they are so convenient: limited edition offers that can be purchased directly on WeChat have an excellent track record in China ( Just ask Givenchy or BMW) especially when the promotional content links the product with consumer characteristics and emotions.

Top Tips to Remember: These types of campaigns demand originality, brand authenticity and consumer engagement is vital! Brands need an in-depth understanding of their Chinese audiences to generate content which their followers will be keen to share!

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By Marie Tulloch, Account Director at Emerging Communications.


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