Happiness Manager

Emerging Communications is proud to announce the appointment of Erik Johansson as Happiness Manager.

This is an important position within the EC family. Erik is not only responsible for creating a wide range of activities designed to ensure happiness, and staff interaction within working hours and after work, but will also closely monitor staff wellbeing and make sure everyone within the company is fully supported to fulfil their roles to the best of their ability.

Responsibilities include creating a programme of events and activities that engage staff members, organising birthday celebrations, managing festivities for Chinese and Western calendar events, and introducing helpful and fun based services into the company.

In addition, Erik will manage onboarding and welcoming of new staff members, organise the company holiday rota, undertake a bi-annual survey of moral, and oversee health and safety.

‘Happiness Manager is an important role, and carries a lot more responsibility than the title might suggest,’ says Emerging Communications, CEO, Domenica di Lieto. ‘Erik will be matching creative and well thought out ideas to individual likes as well as the group, and in addition undertaking serious company responsibilities.’

A programme of happiness events has already been designed alongside bought in services that can be enjoyed during the working day. Reports of activity and pictures will follow shortly.

‘No pun intended, I could not be happier in my role, but the pressure is on. You cannot make people be happy, but it is a great privilege to have that responsibility working alongside such great colleagues,’ says Erik. ‘They have been quick to approve plans so far, and I will make sure the sentiment does not change.’


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