How WeChat enables O2O Commerce using the iBeacon

WeChat has an active base of 500 million users. As an instant messaging app WeChat offers so much more than alternative apps as it enables multiple functions.

An example of how WeChat is enabling o2o marketing can be seen in the interaction a mobile users WeChat app has with an iBeacon via Bluetooth. WeChat has incorporated many additional programs in this in-shop experience, where the iBeacon will interact with the customer’s mobile device as well as make the store interact with the customer. Due to the mobile acting as a tracking device, the store can interact based on the moving location of the customer enforcing stimulating effects such as a blinking fridge as they walk by. A customer shakes his or her phone, commencing the interaction between the iBeacon and the customers WeChat app. It is for this reason why China is ahead of the west in integrating and adopting the iBeacon o2o marketing opportunities. Integrating smart phone technology in to the shopping experience encourages customers to return to stores rather than shopping online. Customers using the app will also have the chance to receive discounts on certain products as an extra incentive to use the app.

For retail stores considering adopting the iBeacon, it may feel daunting even for larger companies as they must create a website on the native app as well as creating a website to work with WeChat. Thankfully there is an easy solution. Phonegap coining the phrase “one app to link them all”, is a free and open source framework. Enabling the transfer of webcode which can then be downloaded on Apple, Google and Windows stores. WeChat therefore offers consumers a try out on their app services before offering them more features on their stand alone apps. By opening yourself up to WeChat’s 500 million userbase, brands should be consistently making the most of this channel as they would their own channel if they wish to seek success in o2o in China.

Not only can you interact with the store via the WeChat app on your smart phone, you can also transact payments using WeChat payment to rival Tencent’s Alipay.

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