How can brands capitalise on White Valentine’s Day in China?

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What is White Valentine’s Day?

Imported from Japanese and Korean traditions and adapted slightly, White Valentine’s Day (白色情人节) in China focuses mainly on gifts for men as well as black, white and grey themes. However, often girlfriends will still get treated to presents as well. Due to the overlap between the word white (白 bai2)and the word for confession, this is also a time for girls to break with tradition and confess their feelings to their crush.

When is White Valentine’s Day Celebrated?

This weekend, China will celebrate the second of no less than 4 Valentine’s Days. White Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of March 2020.

What are some top tips for brands to capitalise on White Valentine’s Day?

With the ‘return to normal’ in China taking time, campaigns driving eCommerce traffic would be the best opportunity for global brands, but choose your campaigns wisely.

1. Know your Audience

Making sure that your creative and copy engages with your customers is critical! You may have to design your campaigns to be more conservative, more feminine or even more youth-friendly than you would in other markets. Don’t make an assumption that what works in Europe will work with global Chinese audiences.

2. Learn from the successes of others

For those new to the Chinese market, or those who are simple looking to boost their impact, there is no shame in partnering with local brands, KOLs or collaborate closely with domestic artists etc. Working with experts can cut out a lot of the guesswork, help to avoid common pitfalls, and also add authenticity to gifting campaigns.

3. Is this the right opportunity for you?

For some marketers, every hot topic is an opportunity not to be missed, but with the epic number of Chinese festivals currently being celebrated, investing strategically in the occasions that best suit your brand and product will give you the best ROI.

4. Brush up on your Chinese love language

…and don’t be afraid to choose a bold angle or storyline to help you stay ahead of the competition (even if that means appealing to single people!)

5. The customer journey is everything! Omni-channel is just the basics

Even when promoting luxury gifting options, customers expect to be able to discover and purchase products via their favourite channels (including social), personalisation options and rapid delivery are also generally expected.

6. Use a professional Chinese copywriter

… to ensure that your messaging is culturally sensitive, on brand and of course, engaging.

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