Has WeChat replaced Weibo to be the only Chinese social media you should work with?

When considering Chinese social marketing, clients often ask us if they still need Weibo when WeChat is so popular? We look at the importance of utilising both channels.

Whilst It is true that WeChat continuously takes over the global headlines as the most influential social media platform in China with 600m monthly active users, it is not suited for every brand.

New brands launching in China with low brand awareness, WeChat will not be the most effective channel in helping you to build on brand research and acquire new customers.

WeChat should be used as CRM or Email Marketing platform – people are selective, and only follow brands they have high affinity with.

Weibo should be used as a broadcast channel for reach and acquisition – people are likely to follow new brands after some engagement or recommended by influencers or friends.

Here are the 6 key marketing differences for WeChat and Weibo:

Depending on the brand awareness, target audience, marketing strategy and objectives, you should utilise both platforms for different purposes.

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