Operations in China Webinar – Creating Solid Backbone For Marketing Performance

July 15, 2020 Webinar External Events, Roundtables, Topic Category

Who It's for

Any companies or professionals looking to do business with China, whether cross border or in-market. Suitable for marketeers, finance, operations and HR directors.

Workshop Outline

Marketing can only be as good as the channels through which it’s promises are fulfilled, and in the white hot intensity of China’s consumer and B2B service culture there are very few second chances for those that get it wrong.

This webinar provides an A-Z of how to get operations right from the start.


Things to consider before you start!

Brand control

Fulfilling brand promise / trading

Copy cats

Operational options and decisions

Balancing risk, resource and business requirements

Cross border and China eCommerce

Is this right for you?

What are your options?

In-market options

Distributor / JV – local partner


Resource / fulfilment agent

How to future proof your business 

Employing staff




What You'll Learn

  • What are your China business options?
  • What marketing restrictions are placed on your operational infrastructure
  • Brand protection and IP


Dor Barak

PTL Group’s UK Lead

An alumnus of The University of Edinburgh and Fudan University in Shanghai, with rich experience in working for international firms such as Morgan Stanley and Zim, both in London and Shanghai. Dor manages PTL Group’s activities in the UK and focuses his efforts on assisting British companies through the various stages of their China journeys

Domenica di Lieto

Emerging Communications CEO

Having run and sold a digital marketing agency, Domenica has wealth of experience in optimising operational infrastructure.

Domenica entered the Chinese industry five years ago and is now a recognised Chinese digital consultant to a number of our larger clients, as well as an experienced public speaker.



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