Global brand alignment and localisation for Western brands in China

Tuesday, 12th September, 2023 13:00 - 14:00

About this event

You probably remember the debacle surrounding Dolce and Gabbana’s China marketing a few years ago. It featured a Chinese woman struggling to eat pizza with chopsticks, the campaign massively backfired and alienated Chinese and western consumers alike.

It’s a classic example of brands not understanding cultural sensitivities and actively causing their own PR crisis. It’s also the most serious form of crisis because it can lead to boycotts and the inability to regain Chinese consumers’ hearts and minds.

This is just one issue that brands can come up against.

Its also vital to understand today’s Chinese consumers’ and their needs and wants and localise accordingly, whilst maintain global brand consistency.

This is neither easy nor straightforward.

This webinar will look at the brands that have got the balance right and what to consider to ensure brand consistency, whilst staying relevant in today’s China.

The agenda will include a 20 min Q and A session.

Who It's For

The session is aimed at marketing directors, international business development directors, and commercial leads of ambitious global brands, who want to improve and strengthen their business operations and marketing efforts in China.

What You'll Learn

  • Why things go wrong and how to prevent them
  • How to get it right; the main considerations
  • Best practise and case studies of brands who have got the balance right
  • Top Tips for brand alignment with a roadmap for success

The Speakers

Domenica Di Lieto

CEO - Emerging Communications

Domenica Di Lieto is CEO of Emerging Comms, an award-winning marketing agency that activates ambitious brands in China.

She has a decade’s experience in China marketing and over thirty years at agencies working on the ground in sales and marketing, as well as with clients and media-owners.

In 2015, Domenica founded Emerging Comms after identifying a gap in the Chinese market and saw the need for strategic marketing planning and delivery in complex industries.

With dedicated teams in London and Shanghai, Domenica has built a consultancy that uses original thinking and marketing flair to develop fresh, cohesive and achievable campaign ideas.

Melody Yeh

International Business Development Director Emerging Comms

Melody has over 20 years of experience working in digital marketing agencies in China and the UK.

Working closely with Emerging Comms consultants and specialists, they produced new standards of China strategy and sales in a broad range of B2B and consumer sectors.

Creating a superb track record for industry and company leadership in Europe and China, including team building and new roadmaps to
sales success in China and Chinese inbound markets.

Her customer-centric and integrated channel approaches have helped many clients to deliver outstanding results.

Melody is excited to share her valuable knowledge and insights to help your brand
succeed in China.