Culture for Managing Teams Webinar

May 27, 2020 Webinar Topic Category

Who It's for

This webinar is designed for companies and managers involved in all aspects of business in all Chinese markets, and in particular those who employs Chinese staff, suppliers, partners, agents, distributors and sales representatives.

Workshop Outline

Optimum performance in China only comes from understanding and adapting to the culture of people and business – how and why they think and behave in B2C and B2B markets. This is known as localisation.

This event reveals the fundamentals all managers need to know about localisation in order to operate and sell successfully in China, whether it applies to a complete corporate division, sales team or distribution channel.

The webinar explains the requirements for localisation, the cultural and business factors behind them, managing individual and team performance, building third party relationships and avoiding cultural faux pas.   

  • Why localisation is crucial to success
  • Individual and corporate culture
  • Internal and external localisation
  • Corporate relationship building
  • How to avoid cultural and political pitfalls
What You'll Learn

The management localisation event reveals the subjects essential to optimising operational performance:

  • Why localisation is the only option for business success
  • Individual and corporate Chinese culture and how work within it
  • How to adopt localisation for internal and external purposes
  • Corporate relationship building
  • How to avoid cultural pitfalls


Domenica di Lieto CEO

Emerging Communications

After 7 years in the Chinese market, both marketing UK brands and running London and Shanghai based teams of Chinese staff, I’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way.

So, to help you at this critical moment as China begins to open up again, we are running 2 webinars on Business Culture.

Annie Li CoFounder

Chinese London School

Annie Li is the co-founder and academic manager of Chinese School London. She is also a PHD candidate in UCL focusing on Education, Leadership and Well-Being.

She is a passionate lecturer with extensive teaching experience (3 years in the UK and 10 years in China)

With the dedication in her profession, she has helped UK companies to better understand Chinese culture and business.



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