Chinese Student Recruitment Webinar: New Trends for A New Strategy

September 30, 2020 Webinar Topic Category

Who It's for

The webinar is essential for UK education institutions and companies who rely on Chinese students as part of their international acquisition programme, these include:

  • UK universities, colleges and higher education institutions
  • UK student accommodation

Workshop Outline

The Implications of the Positive Signs

Accordingly to the latest survey on Chinese students looking to study in the UK, only 4% of them have deferred their overseas education decisions due to Covid-19 pandemic.  A further evidence shows that there is a 14% increase in Chinese student application to UK university Y.o.Y, with UK is now taking over US to be the number one preferred destination for overseas study.

The competition to attract and convert these Chinese students is fiercer than ever.

UK universities are advised to rethink their Chinese student recruitment strategy to leverage the changing behaviours of Chinese students.

New Trends for a New Chinese Student Recruitment Strategy

This webinar is designed for these UK universities who are serious about Chinese student acquisition and there will be a particular emphasis of converting offer holders to acceptances.

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What You'll Learn

  • Key highlights of the latest Chinese Student Survey, and the implications to UK universities 
  • Post Covid-19 pain-points for Chinese students and the impact it has on the decision making process
  • Gaining competitive advantages in this noisy marketplace.
  • Top tips to gain traction


Rocky Chi

Head of Planning

Rocky heads the Emerging Communications consultative services team.

With particular expertise in the education and B2B sectors, Rocky brings 9 years of Chinese digital marketing experience gained at the leading China’s agencies.

Rocky’s team provides bespoke consultancy solutions for clients, from market research, customer segmentation analysis, competitive research, content and communications strategies. Clients that have taken our advice include the NHS, Queens University of Belfast, Elsevier and Estee Lauder.

Rocky is also an accomplished trainer and public speaker and is often seen chairing industry events.

Domenica Di Lieto


Having run and sold a digital marketing agency, Domenica entered the Chinese industry seven years ago, she understands deeply on global client pain-points when dealing with China and the strategies to build an integrated team.

She is also a recognised Chinese digital consultant to a number of EC’s larger clients, as well as an experienced public speaker.



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