Chinese Social Community Management – Harvest the power, build trust and advocacy

July 29, 2020 Webinar Topic Category

Who It's for

A community group can be the greatest asset a brand or retailer can have but it has to be managed well.

The webinar is relevant to anyone concerned with brand and retail development in Chinese B2B and B2C markets, targeting and understanding buyers, successfully driving WOM sales, building an advocate following, and avoiding media crisis. Content will appeal to senior management, as well as marketers.

Workshop Outline
  • Why a consumer community is a brand and retailer’s best friend. Why you should commit to it
  • Build for success – how to do it right
  • Benefiting from user generated content
  • KOC’s and how to make them work for you?
  • Replying to messages- The good, the bad and the ugly
  • Dealing with PR Crisis
  • The importance of guidelines, and FAQs
  • Prioritisation of messages
  • Top tips for Effective Community Management

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What You'll Learn

A How to Guide to

  • Growing a successful community
  • Understanding your best prospects, and how to sell to them
  • Getting your customers to sell and recruit for you
  • Understanding negative feedback and heading off problems quickly and smartly


Domenica di Lieto


Having run and sold a digital marketing agency, Domenica has wealth of experience in optimising operational infrastructure.

Domenica entered the Chinese industry five years ago and is now a recognised Chinese digital consultant to a number of our larger clients, as well as an experienced public speaker.

Sherry Chang

Senior Account Executive Luxury & Retail Division

Sherry is an experienced  senior account executive in the luxury and retail division in the Emerging Communications. Being a keen blogger, Sherry has great understanding of community building and management to leverage the power of your followers.



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