Engage Chinese Students in the UK with your brand

Independent, affluent and influential are increasingly the attributes of Chinese Students. Over 100,000 of them are studying in the UK,  offering a great opportunity for UK brands who can learn how to engage with this unique segment.

Chinese students have high levels of disposable income choosing to spend money on luxury shopping, travel and socialising, making the most of the time they spend in the UK.

With over 70% of students’ family members visiting them during their study in the UK, there is the additional opportunity  to sell to incoming Chinese tourists, with students planning shopping itineraries on behalf of their families.

Emerging Communications has teamed up with UVIC to offer brands, for the first time, an opportunity to engage and sell to their affluent Chinese student community.

UVIC, a well trusted and established Chinese student content and service provider, is offering brands the prospect to develop their engagement with highly affluent Chinese students.

UVIC work with the Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA) in all of the UK universities, including more than 120 universities. Clients can grow brand awareness and sales by utilizing social media channels, events and email marketing opportunities.

For further understanding of the marketing opportunities available, please take a  look at the presentation below, or contact [email protected]


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