At Emerging Communications we care.

Because we care, we provide clients with an objective evaluation of the Chinese market potential to create highly tuned consumer and B2B engagement that is applied optimally using the most effective propositions.

Because we care, our planning teams produce strategies that create maximum return in both the immediate and longer term. The direction provided by our strategy specialists ensures campaign activity constantly builds towards increasingly high returns.

Because we care, we monitor and track campaign performance and market developments. We provide clients with detailed reports that, combined with market analysis and our local knowledge, allows our clients to have a clear market view at all times.

Because we care, we put staff first. It is only by being able to attract the very best in the business that we are able to provide clients with exceptionally high and consistent results.

Because we care, we do not settle for second best in any aspect of our business. Our passion to create and produce the best work possible, and to constantly add even the smallest increase to client performance, makes us peerless.