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Our training and enablement services include:

Retail Sales and Customer Staff Training

It is critical that your customer service and store staff understand the Chinese customer and their purchasing behaviour.

For sales staff, we go beyond language and look at the behaviour of discrete customer segments, their purchasing habits and how to sell better to them.

For customer service staff in the UK or China, we ensure your team provide a seamless service to your customers, build advocacy and use tools such as WeChat to serve this market better.

 Staff Enablement

It is vital that your European and China team work together to ensure that your messaging, processes, and promotions are aligned.

If teams are not working cohesively, local China teams will promote your brand locally, often on WeChat and the promotion may have no bearing on the message you are trying portray globally.

We have run countless workshops and training sessions to ensure integration, correct localisation and above all consistency in messaging.


Whether you are looking to employ Chinese nationals in the UK or in-market, our HR and planning division has extensive experience in recruiting, training and mentoring Chinese digital marketing staff.

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Digital Training

We offer bespoke training courses for digital teams including training on Chinese search marketing.

Our services include:

  • Retail staff training
  • Customer service training
  • Team building and cross-border collaboration
  • Recruitment of Chinese digital or customer service staff, in UK or China

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