Why You Need To Add Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) To Your Chinese Marketing Playbook This Year


Emerging Communications


Feb 21, 2021

No matter what industry you’re in, Education, Property, Travel, Retail, Luxury, F&B, Wellness, etc. Xiaohongshu (小红书), or Little Red Book (LRB) in English, is definitely a channel you need to add to your marketing mix.

What’s so special about Little Red Book?

Being the first true social-commerce app in China (and arguably the world), LRB combines social sharing and content with e-commerce and O2O spending effortlessly. It has become a key point of reference when discovering new brands or considering purchases, from where to go on holiday and which hotel to stay in, to where to go to university or how to boost your IELTS score.

With a huge variety of functions including in-app purchases, live-streaming, long article posting, affiliate marketing, paid targeted advertising and more, LRB is certainly a strong contender for anyone looking to update and expand their omni-channel marketing strategy.

Little Red Book also boasts a base of 300 million+ Chinese users, a majority of which are between 18 and 35 years old, affluent, and keen to buy, travel and experience new things.

Are you:

  • Not sure if Little Red Book marketing is right for your brand?
  • Looking to understand more about how Little Red Book impacts different Chinese customer journeys?
  • Interested in learning what campaign/ content options are available through Little Red Book?
  • Currently using Little Red Book but in need of a great ‘best practice’ guide with top tips for success?

Then look no further than our fantastic Little Red Book Marketing Guide, complete with illustrated examples, latest statistics and trends as well as our expert recommendations.