Weibo’s Still Winning In 2021: Is This What Your Chinese Marketing Is Missing?


Emerging Communications


Feb 21, 2021

Last year Weibo, the second largest social media platform in China, saw huge growth both in the number of users and the amount of time consumers spent on the platform in 2020, and 2021 is looking just as bright.

As one of the longest running social media platforms in China, what keeps Weibo winning in a rapidly evolving digital landscape?

1. Celebrity Access & The Fan Economy

Weibo boasts the most celebrity and KOL (Key Opinion Leader) accounts on their platform and is also a key staple channel for the Chinese fan economy.

Fan groups on Weibo have driven activity from same-day sell-outs of new products to nationwide bans on websites that are ‘damaging’ to the image of their favourite pop culture idols.

2. It has International Pull

Weibo users aren’t only limited to China, there are thousands of registered Weibo users living in Europe, the US and all over the world, sharing their life experiences with friends and family back home and abroad. In fact in the UK alone there are an estimated 500,000+ Weibo users.

3. Multi-functionality

The power of Weibo’s reach isn’t the only thing that makes it such a vital channel for brands. Its range of functions is second to none, giving great options for all kinds of content and campaign output. Most interestingly, Weibo has a strategic partnership with Alibaba and is continuously growing its own e-commerce capabilities, making it an up-and-coming challenger in the social-commerce market to platforms such as Little Red Book and WeChat Mini-programs.

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