3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Marketing to Chinese Inbound Consumers Now

Inbound Chinese

*Chinese Inbound Consumers: Chinese tourists, students and expats with tier 1 or 2 visa, consumers often with high levels of disposable income and strong influence on Chinese consumers in-market.

2019 could be one of the best for UK organisations looking to generate positive interactions with Chinese inbound consumers, and we have summarised the top 3 reasons why:

Reason 1- We are better connected

Since Q1 2018 there has been a 50% increase in flights between the UK and China, with 8 new direct routes, making the UK more accessible than ever before for the 483,000 Chinese visitors expected to travel to the UK this year (VisitBritain)

Reason 2 – Brexit Opportunities

With a weaker pound and increasing appetite for British brands and British creations such as Peppa Pig, as well as increased awareness of our fantastic leisure and retail offering, we expect Chinese tourists to spend over £1 billion in the UK during their visit, which is a 50% increase on their spend last year.

Reason 3- Excellent Education, Visas Guaranteed

Student visa and political tensions in the US and Canada have led to a spike in students choosing to study in the UK. 6,000 more Chinese students applied to study in the UK this year than last, bringing the total number of inbound Chinese students to over 106,000. The boost in student numbers is great news for UK universities and brands looking to connect with similar audiences.

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